Work in Digital & Translation

selection of relevant jobs to date and testimonials

Social Media Content

madrid, july 2018 - present

Wombat & Co. is an Anglo-Spanish company specialising in babywearing coats

Writing unique posts in English for Instagram and Facebook about the company's endeavours and the growing babywearing industry in Europe

Translation & Proofreading

madrid, oct 2017 - present

WowTrip is a company that organises trips to surprise destinations in Europe

Translation of social media content and translation, proofreading and revision of English website; Growth Hacking in the United Kingdom; Customer Service in the United Kingdom

Digital Marketing Strategy

madrid, june 2017 - may 2018

TailorGo is a travel startup specialising in itinerary design and relocation assistance

Writing in English and designing organic and paid social media posts (FB and LN) to build a community of service providers and customers; language proofing; SEO and SEM; interviewing vendors worldwide


madrid, jan - april 2017 

PLEKmaken is a non-profit theatre organisation based in Amsterdam 

Optimisation of website content to improve Google rankings using relevant keywords related to the teaching and practice of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands

Digital Marketing

london, jan - dec 2016

Stimare is a B2B company that sells thermal ticket printers and scanners

Development and implementation of an all-encompassing branding and digital marketing strategy including SEO, contents in English and Spanish, social media, analytics and email marketing to strenghten the brand online

eCommerce Website

 london, jan - dec 2016 is a Stimare brand and sells barcode scanners and ticket printers

Writing and SEO of content of product and category pages, collaboration in design and navigation alongside web designer, inventory & sales management and customer service on an international level

Digital Media Content  

london, jan 2011 - jan 2016

PlayStation Store includes a video store of films and TV series in various countries

Proofing, translation and management of metadata in Spanish and English of films and TV series available on the store for rent and purchase in European countries, including Spain and UK, US, Canada and Australia


<< Berta is great to work with. She is very organised and has a resolute and can-do attitude when it comes to getting the work done properly and solving issues that may pop up out of the blue in an office work setting. She is also fun to be around, always with a smile on her face and a cheerful predisposition >>

Miquel Carod, Service Technician at Stimare

<< Berta is an active and responsible person. We have worked together for years and few journalists have such natural a flair for writing. Attentive to details, a great communicator and better person >>

Paco de la Coba, Editor-in-Chief at El Ibérico